Rogue Site Live!

Rogue site live!It sure seems like we’ve been waiting an inordinate amount of time for Greg McLean’s follow up to Wolf Creek, the killer croc movie Rogue. Finally, on November 8th Dimension’s going to throw us a bone and actually release the flick in theaters.

Must be all that Halloween money that’s made ‘em so generous.

You may recall that the fate of Rogue has been up in the air pretty much since it locked picture, going from theatrical to DVD and back a few times. Early word on it is that it’s damn fine, too, so I’m glad Dimension has wizened up and given it a theatrical run before it’s inevitable DVD.

Anyway, Dimension have opened a site for Rogue complete with the trailer, gallery, donwloads, some cast and crew info and a good synopsis. The film is about an American travel journalist who heads out to Australia’s Northern Territory to get some good bits for his next article. The tour he joins is quickly ruined, however, when a giant crocodile decides that people make a better meal than, say, bison.

Johnny Butane

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