Saw Meets The Office in Redd Inc. – See the Trailer NOW!

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Sure, “The Office” isn’t the same since Steve Carell left, but the Nard-Dog doesn’t make that bad of a boss. And as much of a douche as he was as the boss of Initech in Office Space, Bill Lumbergh was more annoying than anything else. But Thomas Reddmann, now that’s a bad boss.

Green Light Productions has released the eagerly anticipated trailer for Redd Inc., a film that draws inspiration from the early Saw films but incorporates them in a new environment. And did we mention that master of horror Tom Savini appears not only in the film but on the FX team as well? Nice!

Coming at us from Down Under, Redd Inc. stars Nicholas Hope in the role of the diabolical Reddmann. Kelly Paterniti, Hayley McElhinney, and Sebastian Reid co-star alongside Daniel Krige, who also directed. The film was written by Jonathon Green and Anthony O’Connor.

Check out the trailer below. The concept is cool, and the practical effects look great! And click your way over to the official Redd Inc. website for more.

Convicted ‘headhunter’ serial killer and former corporate manager Thomas Reddmann is demented from various experimental procedures he endured at the unorthodox mental asylum from which he has now escaped. Redd maintains his innocence and is determined to prove it. He creates Redd Incorporated, a twisted version of the modern office environment, filling it with six abducted people he holds directly responsible for his incarceration. His captive ‘human resources’ are literally chained to their desks and forced to perform the impossible job of finding the real killer. They must work in grueling circumstances to prove the impossible or face gruesome consequences.

Saw Meets The Office in Redd Inc., See the Trailer NOW!

Saw Meets The Office in Redd Inc., See the Trailer NOW!

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