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Skinwalkers hits for Turkey DayIf you are reading this right now then odds are you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who did not go to see Skinwalkers when it opened in theaters back on August 10th. How bad did it bomb? The movie came in 18th place its opening weekend, lasted a whopping 17 days in the theaters, and its total domestic box office take was just barely over one million dollars. By contrast, that’s less than half of what Uwe Boll’s Bloodrayne took in during its equally disastrous theatrical run.

Frankly, after the box office and critic reactions to Skinwalkers, Captivity, and An American Haunting, After Dark Films is starting develop about as good a rep as Boll too.

Now many a person argued that Skinwalkers probably should have gone straight-to-DVD in the first place and they were probably right. Heck, I bet when this one hits DVD shelves most video store patrons probably won’t even realize or remember that the film was originally a theatrical release.

Lionsgate has scheduled Skinwalkers for a DVD release on November 27thg according to Fangoria, just in time for Turkey Day. And believe me, Skinwalkers is quite the turkey. Though I panned it heartily in my review, I can see this asinine werewolf movie that’s really more about clumsily staged shootouts between good and evil werewolves in their human forms going on to garner a bit of a following amongst audiences that can appreciate terribly cheeseball movies. Boring at times, bad all the time, and sometimes howlingly funny – pun intended.

No word as of now as to what, if any, extras the disc will include or if we’ll be getting an unrated cut of the film, assuming there is an R-rated cut with more violence. I’ve heard conflicting stories about the film having been cut down to garner a PG-13. A lot of help that did it for its box office performance.

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