First Look at Midnight Movie!

Midnight Movie(click to see it bigger)Sometimes just randomly searching the IMDB can lead us to cool stuff that, for whatever reason, just hasn’t had any exposure to fans yet.

Midnight Movie is the latest example, being the directorial debut of long-time cinematographer Jack Messitt, it’s really the premise that grabbed me on this one. In a run down theater in the middle of the suburbs, a group of friends have gathered to check out a rare movie from the early 70’s. They laugh and mock the low production values, but they’re not aware of the full story…

Seems the film’s director was involved in a slaughter at a local nuthouse five years earlier, where he was believed to have died. The detective and doctor who saw the whole thing have other theories, but it turns out he’s neither alive nor dead, but has infused his soul in the very film itself.

So when the monster at the heart of the movie steps into the real world and begins his slaughter, everyone’s more than a little surprised.

Not sure about you guys, but I dig the concept so it’s worhth us keeping an eye on it. The still you see on your right is one of many that can be found over at Messitt’s personal page, where you’ll also find a trailer, and you can get more info about Midnight Movie over at production house Bigfoot Entertainment’s official site. Want more links? How about the official Midnight Movie site which is, ironically, the sparsest of them all.

Of course there’s no word on a release yet, but we’ll be keeping our eyeballs and ear canals free of obstructions and let you know when we hear more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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