Ready for Some Supernatural Activity?

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Along with countless copycat films, Paranormal Activity has also spawned its fair share of spoofs. That being said, there’s another on its way that’s looking to hit the found footage sub-genre directly in the funny bone!

Below you’ll find the first details and artwork for Supernatural Activity from director Derek Lee Nixon, starring Andrew Pozza, Liddy Bisanz, Derek Lee Nixon, Donny Boaz, Philip Marlatt, and Devin Bonnée. Look for it this February from Archstone Distribution.

The world’s most beloved illusionist, armed with his team, embarks on the most adventurous paranormal investigation of all time. Terrorized at every turn, this witch-hunting, ghost-busting, creature-questing supernatural spooftacular is the funniest footage ever found!

Ready for Some Supernatural Activity?

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  • Cinemascribe

    Couple of reasons why this film is likely destined to suck the sweat off of a dead dog’s testicles:

    1) The goofy riff on the Blair Witch Project splashed on the poster. If poking fun at the Blair Witch is a dominant theme in your advertising campaign at this late date, you’re about eight years behind the state of relevance.

    2) The tagline refers to the film as “A paranormal spooftacular”. Okay, so the last time marketing geniuses tried their hands at creating an entirely new word to convey the appeal of their film to a wide audience, what made it onto the poster was “thrillomedy” and it was used to describe the creepy crawly suspense flick Arachnophobia. That was a really GOOD movie that still can’t quite escape the fact that the word “thrillomedy” blows rabid weasels about as ferociously as the term “spooftacular”.

    3) Directing our attention back to past-their-expiration-date targets, the font in the craptacular tagline mentioned above (see what I did there?) is apparently a riff on that found at the beginning of the Star Wars films. The fuck? Are they going to throw a Star Wars parody into the mix as well? Now we’re reaching back ten to fifteen years and ,hey, Spaceballs is the final word on that anyway so fuck off because you’re not Mel Brooks.

    4) The people who made this are not Mel Brooks. Or the Zucker brothers, for that matter. In fact, David Zucker is actually returning to helm Scary Movie 5, which will probably beat Supernatural Activity to the punch in parodying Paranormal Activity. I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed Scary Movie 4 more than SM 2 or 3, so there’s a glimmer of hope that this may not be a total disaster. Not much of a glimmer, but more hope than I can assign for Supernatural Activity.

    5) As Meet the Spartans, Vampires Suck and Epic Movie have all painfully demonstrated over the past few years, this generation of filmmakers knows dick about what constitutes a clever parody. We’re a far cry from Young Frankenstein, the aforementioned Spaceballs, Airplane! , The Naked Gun or even the original Scary Movie here. It’s gotten so bad that a genius like David Zucker is reduced to returning to to helm Scary Movie 5…wait, I’ve been over this, haven’t I?

  • matzy

    oh boy!