Creepy Magazine Editor Dan Braun Talks About the Future

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We recently had a chance to talk with demonic Dan Braun, editor-in-chief of a magazine near and dear to our hearts, Creepy. Aside from some great plans for Creepy #7, Braun has some new info to lay on us that fans of the periodical (and its sibling, Eerie) will be thrilled to hear.

In addition to a collaboration with Stussy clothing which produced some killer threads, the folks behind Creepy have a lot more in store for us. Read on!

From Creepy Editor Dan Braun
Hello, Dread Central! Here at Creepy “Central” we are very excited about the upcoming release of Creepy #7. Why? Because any issue that actually makes it to #7 will probably make it to #8 and so on and so on. And just wait until you see what we have planned for Creepy #8; true believers, you will not be disappointed.

We are unbelievably excited about our lineup of creators for Issue #7, which includes Joe and Keith Lansdale, Bill Morrison, Gus Floor, Patric Reynolds, Wilfredo Torres, and myself, Dan Braun. This issue launches the shiny new editorial team led by Sierra Hahn with Brendan Wright and yours truly at the rear flank. Ain’t nothing falling through the cracks with this gang on the point.

As always, we like to keep a line to the classic Creepy so we pulled out two incredible little known classics from the library that include a super psychedelic Goodwin/Ditko opus entitled “Deep Ruby” from Eerie #6 and an under-appreciated Steve Skeates/Martin Salvador gem called “The Ultimate High” from Creepy #44. However, even including those greats wasn’t enough to satisfy us…so we got the amazing Creepy and Eerie cover artist Sanjulian to create a blood-curdling new cover featuring one of those great “zombies in a graveyard ruled by a naked chick with a skull” type covers that you just don’t see anymore, and it’s guaranteed to give you nightmares and a boner!

And speaking of Eerie, there is big news on the horizon. EERIE IS COMING BACK!! We are working on the re-launch of Eerie as a comic book with a slight sci-fi horror feel to it. We have a killer David Lapham robot story to anchor the issue with many other surprises in store. This is the one. Cousin Eerie will finally get his chance to show Uncle Creepy how it’s done. And be on the lookout for full softcover collections of the classic Eerie characters Hunter and El Cid both coming later this year.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the definitive Richard Corben Creepy and Eerie collection on the slate. This one has to be done right so don’t sweat it and be thankful you’re getting it at all. It should be ready by the summer. That’s all for now, kiddies!

Our thanks to Dan for taking the time to speak with us, and look for more soon!

Creepy Magazine Editor Dan Braun Talks About the Future

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