The Reeeker Returns

No Man's Land: Reeker IIFor the few of you who have seen the indie hit Reeker, probably one of the strangest films I’ve seen in a while with a smack-your-forehead ending, you should feel free to continue reading this bit about its sequel, No Man’s Land. If you haven’t seen Reeker just be warned; here there be spoilers.

Bloody Disgusting got the word on No Man’s Land yesterday, with the revelation of the poster to your right and word that production is supposed to start in the next month or so. They then followed the info with a big-ass chunk o’ plot, and that’s where the spoilers come into play.

Essentially, the story is about a sheriff, his son, some outlaws and random other carbon-based fodder who are stuck at a diner when it catches on fire and all means of travel aside from on foot are wiped out. After realizing the hard way that they don’t feel pain, they realize the very painful way that they can die, but only at the hands of the reeker…

The first Reeker is hitting DVD on September 25th (pre-order it here) and I bet once you see it you’ll be looking forward to a sequel, too. It’s a cool idea and if they go into it with the knowledge gained from the first, it’ll be very interesting to see where it goes from there.

Johnny Butane

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