Tired of Vampires That Are Cool and Super Sexy? Meet Sven … Vampire Blogger

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Tired of Vampires That Are Cool and Super Sexy? Meet Sven ... Vampire BloggerI suppose you can have too much of a good thing. At some point you reach your limit of vampires being totally superior to us. Oozing sexuality with inhuman strength and the uncanny ability to bed down anyone they choose, vampires can become a bit annoying with their superiority complexes. Fortunately there’s a cure for all of that. Gorehounds, meet Sven … The Uncool Vampire Blogger.

Created by Josh Cowdery and Chad Lindberg (of the 2010 version of I Spit on Your Grave) and originally posted on funnyordie.com, The Uncool Vampire Blogger follows the story of Sven, the vampire equivalent of Steve Urkel (or Screech from “Saved By The Bell” if you prefer). Although he is a bloodsucker, nothing else about Sven even remotely reminds us of the vamps from Bon Temps, LA or Forks, WA…and that’s what makes him so endearing.

Below are the two Uncool Vampire Blogger shorts. They both star Lindberg, Cowdery, Selena Fara and Lyndsay Haldorson and involve Sven and Halloween costume parties. The second video, with Sven hosting the bash, also features Lindberg’s I Spit on Your Grave alums Jeff Branson and the gorgeous Sarah Butler. Enjoy, and follow Sven on his Facebook page.

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