Halloween Does Huge Bank

Halloween pwns the competition!Well, I gotta be honest; I really didn’t see this coming.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween (review #1, review#2) reimagining didn’t just do well at the box office; it blew away every existing box office record for the Labor Day weekend, which technically still isn’t even over yet!

As of yesterday the movie had taken in almost $27 million since it opened on Friday, proving that Dimension moving the release to right before school started was a huge help, and backlash from fans across the ‘net did pretty much nothing at all. And that, thank God, critics can shuttup about R-rated horror being dead. Everyone just had to see what Zombie did, and I’m sure he’s had a pretty damn good weekend all things considered.

Of course you know this inevitably means another sequel will be announced within days, though I doubt he will be involved. And it will be hard to bring him back, considering how it ended. Not that that’s ever stopped Dimension before…

Johnny Butane

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