Repo! Rolls Next Week!

Bill Moseley joins Repo!How lucky can one man get?

Darren Lynn Bousman got the change to direct not one, not two, but three Saw films, a job that gave him the clout to just go ahead and get his horror rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera off the ground. Seriously, how many other directors our there do you think could tell a studio “yeah, I want to do an all-singing, all dancing horror film next” and they just go “sure, man, whatever you want!”? Maybe Cronenberg, but that’s about it.

Getting back on track; Bousman just updated his MySpace page with a blog entry confirming the casting of both Bill Moseley and Orge from Skinny Puppy in the film, and announced that cameras roll on Repo! next freaking week. So damn soon! Hopefully after this the man will take a vacation or something; he’s been working non-stop since he started pre-production on Saw II all those years ago.

Be sure to check out the Repo! MySpace page for a sample of the music that will fill the film from beginning to end, and keep it here for more updates!

Johnny Butane

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