Official Trailer for House of Mirrors Starts Shimmering

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After a lifetime of having to listen to what an amazing actor her brother Al is, Josette Pacino is finally throwing her hat into the performing arts ring to do some acting of her own. She’ll be making her debut in the upcoming thriller House of Mirrors playing the world’s worst therapist in this mind-screw of a film.

In addition to Pacino, the film features Brian Shotwell (who also directed), Xu Razer (Fragments), Goth rocker Jeremiah Saint, Ashley Hazel, BB Ingle and Nicole Hughes in this very diverse cast. It revolves around a rich music executive who is being blackmailed for a murder he may or may not have committed.

More on this one as we get it. For now check out the newly released trailer below and visit the official House of Mirrors website.

Max Emerson, played by Brian Shotwell, is a successful music executive whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside down after waking up in his mansion. Amnesiac and unable to remember how he got there, he receives a phone call from a stranger claiming to have evidence that he committed a murder the night before.

With just 48 hours to solve the crime, the sadistic madman strings him along, taunting him with clues as his therapist, Ramona (played by Josette Pacino), helps him remember the events leading up to that fateful night. Lies and deception run deep within his circle of friends, including his bodyguard Vince (played by Xu Razer), who tries to help him unravel the event that put him in this dilemma but instead leads him into further confusion. Music by Gothic industrial artist Jeremiah Saint.

Official Trailer for House of Mirrors Starts Shimmering

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