Body Horror is Back with Mindflesh

Horrific nastiness aplenty in Mindflesh!Today Fangoria did up a story about a movie with an interesting title but even more interesting imagery. It’s called Mindflesh and it’s coming to us from the director of the low budget indie London Voodoo (one of the first releases from Heretic Films), Robert Pratten.

While the Fango article tells us a lot about the movie; that it’s full of blood, nudity and old-school prosthetic effects (seriously, look at that thing…), it never actually says what the movie is about. Perhaps because, as a trip over to the official Mindflesh site will demonstrate, it’s not going to make a helluva lot of sense.

”Chris Jackson is a gateway for obsessions to pass from the mind to the physical world. To close the gateway he must face his childhood trauma before everyone he knows is killed by extraterrestrials”

Oh. Right. He’s a gateway. Sure…

Whatever it’s about, Mindflesh has all the indicators of an old-school Cronenbergian body horror movie, the likes of which are made far too infrequently as of late. Check out the Fango article for more, and be sure to hit the official Mindflesh site for a bevy of pics, a trailer, and a lot more!

Johnny Butane

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