*UPDATE* Smith’s Red State Update

Smith gives a Red State update!UPDATE: Buz turned our attention to Kevin Smith’s MySpace blog where he discusses not only his lost shot at directing a Battlestar Galactica episode, but also Red State‘s chances of becoming a reality.

Smith had this to say, “I find my lawyer John Sloss on chat and ask him to read “Red State” ASAP so we can talk about what’ll happen if Harvey and Bob decide it’s not marketable enough to make. I IM him the script.

… Sloss calls me, and we discuss “Red State.” Our mutual conclusion is that a) it’s very clearly a film that needs a festival launch, and b) who the fuck will wanna see this movie?

I personally want to see more films from Smith regardless if they are connected to the View Askew universe. If you feel the same way then head on over to his blog and show your support.

Can you imagine a Kevin Smith film without very much dialogue? Or rather, a Kevin Smith film with the amount of dialogue you’d hear in a normal movie? The mind reels.

Such seems to be the case according to the man himself, who recently updated his View Askew site with the news that he’s finally finished the first draft of his old-school horror flick, Red State, which we’ve not heard much about in a while (“Smith’s Horror Titled” – April 2007). So says the man;

”If I’d never said anything about it in the pres and put it under a pseudonym, I doubt anyone would ever connect me with it. Can’t wait to shoot it!”

For those wondering, so far what we know about Red State is that it will have similarities to the real life Westboro Baptist Church, or at least use their methodology as a starting-off point for the horrors inherit in the story. Kevin went on to say that you can really only call Red State horror if you can call Rosemary’s Baby horror, which we can and do all the time. It’s all right, Kevin, not all of us hear the word “horror” an immediately think a slasher movie is being discussed!

Considering it’s taken this long to get a first draft of the script done we have no idea how long until cameras role, but rest assured we’ll let you know the second we do!

Johnny Butane

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