Take a Ride on the Explosion Bus

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Another new web series crossed our path today, and while it’s more on the humor side of the horror-comedy sub-genre, given that it tackles everyday horrors and allows viewers to approach their most acute fears with laughter, we thought it well worth sharing.

Written and directed by Tom Snyder, creator of Comedy Central’s “Dr. Katz”, Explosion Bus stars comedians Jonathan Katz and Tom Leopold. It’s the story of two unqualified heroes who take on the cruel host of America’s most popular TV show, a fictional version of “American Idol”. In their bus with their “staff”, they cross the country making talent audition house calls. The humor is dry, the dialogue is conversational, and the women are beautiful. Just like real life!

As Katie Covett, executive producer of Explosion Bus, explains it: “The horror that pervades Explosion Bus is subtle but very much present. EB confronts everyday horrors: the disturbing psychology of two animated men, the terrifying state of the entertainment industry, etc. Horror and humor, in addition to sounding eerily alike, are irrevocably intertwined.

Explosion Bus is basically a spoof on ‘American Idol’, but we decided to do something different and explore a talent show from the viewpoint of the judges, or in our case the two deluded men who run the show,” Katie continues. “I sometimes call it ‘the American Idol for losers’, and I mean ‘losers’ in the sweetest possible way. Like real TV, episodes are 20 minutes long, and the plot is serial.

Sounds right up our alley! Check out Episode 1, “The Outrage”, below, and for the rest be sure to visit the official Explosion Bus website. In addition you can “like” Explosion Bus on Facebook and follow Explosion Bus on Twitter.

Take a Ride on the Explosion Bus

Take a Ride on the Explosion Bus

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