Rock on Witch Mountain

The Rock in Witch MountainWell, there goes any desire I had to give the new Witch Mountain a chance. I mean sure it’s a kids movie so you have to expect some level of stunt casting but this?

Daily Variety is reporting that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been tapped to star in the upcoming Disney remake, playing a Las Vegas cab driver who picks up a pair of kids with magical powers, which the trade refers to as an “advance” to the storyline from the original 1975 film, Escape to Witch Mountain. Doesn’t feel like evolution to me.

While The Rock can be good when he’s given the right material, there’s just something about him that doesn’t work for me as of late, and his presence alone is sucking any potential for scares this redux had from the outset. But then, that’s a personal opinion; I guess if you find The Rock scary this might work well for you.

We’ll keep an eye on Witch Mountain (you know, for the kids) so keep it here!

Johnny Butane

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