Methodic Bashing!

Methodic poster!We’ve all seen slashers, hack-n-slashers, and horror films in which power tools were the primary instruments of death. But director Chris R. Notarile wasn’t satisfied with all that; he wanted to create the world’s first basher horror film, and he’s well on his way to making it happen!

What the hell is a basher? Much like the name implies, it’s a horror film in which the deaths are all caused by blunt force trauma; aka being beaten to death, which is just a bad way to die all around.

The flick is called Methodic and, along with an interesting means of dispatching victims, there’s also some pretty cool imagery planned for it, as you can see on your right. The tale is about a boy who becomes possessed by a spirit known as The Dollman, who forces him to kill his parents. He spends his life in a mental asylum, where The Dollman bides his time inside his host; waiting for the day when he becomes strong enough to fully take over … which apparently happens at some point, otherwise it’d be a pretty dull flick.

You can check out the Methodic MySpace page for more pics and a quick teaser with a very attractive female lead. Production is set to wrap soon, if it hasn’t already, so expect to hear more about it soon!

Johnny Butane

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