What About 01-15-08?

The Asylum readies TokyoI didn’t truly comprehend just how incredibly insane the online hype and speculation about the J.J. Abrams-produced giant monster movie Cloverfield/1-18-08 had become until other movie news websites started picking up the news item I recently passed along from a trusted anonymous insider about the nature of the film’s monsters that even I stated in the article could not be confirmed with any certainty. Blogs began blogging, message boards began buzzing and accusations about the veracity of the info boiled over. Never before in human history has the phrase “raptor-like” stirred up so much vitriol. The film blog /film quickly posted a debunking of the info I reported based on insider info they claimed to have received from their own unnamed inside source, and then Dark Horizons turns around and posted their own confirmation of the info I had reported based on their own personal agency sources. The only thing I can truly confirm about anything regarding this movie at this point is that all of the ballyhoo surrounding it is rapidly becoming the very definition of insanity. This movie has become as much a sociology experiment as it has a feature film.

As leaks, rumors and other assorted rampant speculation about the mystery monster movie continue on, take heart in the knowledge that the current rip-off kings of cinema are prepping their own direct-to-DVD “mockbuster” designed to coincide with the theatrical release of a certain giant monster movie that at this point will be hard-pressed to ever live up to the maddening amount of online hype it’s receiving.

Currently to be found on The Asylum’s website amid a details-free listing of future project titles is something simply titled Tokyo. Now it’s almost a certainty that this title will eventually change to something that’s a play off whatever title Abrams and company settle upon for their film. The Asylum is, after all, the company that gave us Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train, and When a Killer Calls, amongst others. I can tell you that The Asylum production currently known as Tokyo will be about a 100-foot monster attacking Tokyo told from the point-of-view of people on the street with a camcorder. The physical appearance and nature of the beast, whether or not the film will also feature “raptor-like” smaller versions of the giant creature, or whatever the hell else the movie might have in common with its big screen counterpart are as much a mystery right now as that of its big screen counterpart. In fact, how they’re even going about making a knock-off of a big screen movie the details of which are so top secret that the makers of it have still yet to even announce a title is also anyone’s guess. But since when have little things like plot details ever deterred the Asylum from making a movie?

Also still to be determined: will they release the DVD of their mockbuster on 1-15-08, the Tuesday before the release of the much ballyhooed creature feature it’s riding the coattails of?

In the case of both films, all will be revealed in due time.

And for those wondering what’s up with the accompanying picture; to keep in spirit of both films I decided to use my camera phone to snap a photo of a picture taken in downtown Tokyo that I found online.

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