Diary of a Mad Goth Woman

Brian Krause stars in The Devil's DiaryYou don’t suppose the makers of the upcoming Lifetime Movie Network original film The Devil’s Diary were in any way, shape, or form influenced by the hugely popular Japanese Death Note movies that came out last year? A teen acquires a supernatural journal in which everything you write comes true leading to much murder is a plot that sounds more than a little familiar.

In this case, we have two teen fiends, Dominique (Final Destination 3‘s Alexz Johnson) and Ursula (Magda Apanowicz of “Kyle XY” fame), who happen upon an ancient diary in a graveyard one night. Of course they found it in a graveyard, because, you know, that’s what goth kids do. Hanging out in graveyards at night is like the goth teen’s sport of kings. Well, that and moping.

They two girls quickly discover that the book has supernatural power and grants any desire written on its blank pages. And what better desire for a pair of teenage emo BFF’s to fulfill than that of vengeance against their bullying peers. Because, again, that’s what goths do in movies like this.

Ursula comes to realize that the book is truly evil and Dominique is growing dangerously mad as the unholy diary fills her with a sense of ultimate power. Of course, we all know filling a picked-on teenage outcast with ultimate power is akin to giving Charles Bronson a revolver and putting him in a room with some criminals the law has failed to bring to justice.

Ursula seeks the assistance of Father Milligan (Brian Krause, pictured), a priest who surely must know a little something about unholy tomes given he’s being played by a former cast member of “Charmed”. Together they try to save Dominique’s soul and destroy the demonic diary.

Okay, maybe the film is not entirely the same as Death Note. It does remind me somewhat of Mirror, Mirror now that I think about it.

The Devil’s Diary, directed by Farhad Mann (Return to Two Moon Junction and Lawnmower Man: Jobe’s War), is scheduled to premiere in primetime on the Lifetime Movie Network on September 22nd. There’s nothing about the film on LMN’s website just yet but it seems a TV spot has already begun airing, a spot that someone actually recorded off the air and then posted to YouTube. You can view that thirty second TV ad below.

Now how long until someone makes a movie about an evil MySpace page that kills everyone added to its friends list?

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