Two More Found Footage Flicks Looking to Scare Up Some Chills – Ditch Party and Desaparecidos (Missing)

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A pair of new found footage based fright films are on their way, and we have the goods on each of them for you right here in one little place. Why one place? You try keeping up with these things!

Thanks to DC readers Avery and Mike!

First up: Ditch Party (United States)

Written and directed by Michael Hall
Starring Erica Rhodes
For more visit the official Ditch Party website.

Ditch party is an edgy, contemporary urban tale of youth in rebellion against Mother Nature and technology. The story is seen through the eyes of a young girl named Samantha Gordon, a beautiful young lady whose first romantic experience turns out disastrous. The occasion was taped and has been posted on the internet. A devout Christian, the guilt and embarrassment weighs on her tremendously. She feels she has lost God’s protection for the first time in her life. Her best friends arrive to her aid.

They embark on their last trip together as high school seniors, the Ditch Party of Ditch Parties. The unsuspecting teenagers don’t realize they have been lured to a place called Owl’s Point, a wooded wasteland that used to be an old mining community, until the cold vein underneath caught fire and has never stopped burning.

The accident turned the city into a ghost town overnight, except for one old man who tries to warn the kids of where they’ve entered. The doorway to hell. The kids continue on their journey. After a night of wild partying and mischief that breaks out in a fist fight between Sammy’s ex-boyfriend and another friend, the group soon realizes they have been tricked and are trapped by a psychotic masked killer in the middle of nowhere. Without electricity, water, or any kind of cell signal, the cabin, the safest place they could find, becomes a slow roasting oven cooking the kids inside out in sweltering heat of excess of a 110 degree’s.

Some of the kids who try to escape find the surrounding forest filled with booby traps. Each kid who is caught trying to flee is brutally murder by the Killer, who has hand-picked each of them to die. The youth are made to watch their friends’ horrific deaths. The remaining friends must put aside there selfish pursuits and lazy ways and work together if any of them are to survive.

Next up Desaparecidos (Missing) (Brazil)

Directed by David Schurmann
Starring Charlene Chagas, Natalia Vidal, Pedro Urizzi, Andre Madrini
For more visit the official Desaparecidos website.

A VIP private party in a tropical island surrounded by rainforest. The invitation, a small video camera (flipcam) that you have to wear around your neck at all times. The cameras record randomly, and you never know when they are on. Sounds like the best and sexiest party ever? It is until a group of friends disappear in the forest. After weeks their cameras are found; on them we discover what has happened and why the authorities did not want these images to be revealed.

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