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Another Species movie on the way...While a company like The Asylum has latched onto the annoying business practice of producing crummy straight-to-DVD rip-offs of big screen Hollywood productions, other Hollywood companies have latched onto the equally annoying practice of producing crummy made-for-DVD sequels to big screen films that really do not require, deserve, or warrant a sequel in the first place, let alone a name-only sequel that has little or no connection to the film being sequelized. This practice is reaching epidemic proportions, a fact that wouldn’t bother me except these sequels are often not just vastly inferior, but downright awful.

Honestly, how many of you are really excited by the news that Species 4 is getting ready to roll before camera. Yeah, Species 3 was actually better than Species 2, but then 90 minutes of blank screen would also have been an improvement over that sequel.

Quoting Production Weekly, Moviehole is reporting that Species 3 screenwriter Ben Ripley has returned to pen this newest foray into alien/hot chick hybrid territory with the usual messy results. The film’s synopsis follows:

“Miranda Hollander, a beautiful and brilliant young university professor is horrified when her “uncle,” Tom Hollander, reveals that she is not actually human after all, but an alien hybrid he created in a laboratory with his former scientific associate Forbes McGuire. When Miranda’s bestial alien side emerges, with bloody consequences, Tom rushes her to Mexico, hoping that Forbes will be able to help. But when Forbes and Tom combine forces to prolong Miranda’s lapsed life span, they soon learn that the “cure” is far worse than the disease.”

...and another Craft movie?Been there, done that, if you ask me. Species 4 begins filming in Mexico this October. Look for it on DVD (and no doubt the Sci-Fi Channel) sometime next year.

Far more troubling to me is the scoop from Bloody Disgusting that Sony Home Entertainment (perhaps the worst of the worst when it comes to this DVD sequel trend) is preparing The Craft 2 for release sometime in the next year or two. No word on plot or casting, but The Craft was a shockingly good flick that does not need a name-only sequel to come creeping along a decade too late. This is about as necessary as The Rage: Carrie 2.

To give you an idea how absurdly out of hand this is all getting, a few other non-horror related name-only DVD sequels you can expect to see on shelves just in the next 2-3 months include The Butterfly Effect 2, Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil, Save the Last Dance 2, and Glass House: The Good Mother. They should feel right at home next to I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, 8MM 2, Road House 2: The Last Call, Hollow Man 2, and Like Mike 2. I’m still holding out for them to get around to making Extreme Ops 2, I Still Come in Peace, and Deeper Bluer Sea.

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