Buried DVD Art is Alive

Will college kids ever learn?Developments regarding Buried Alive have been few and far between over the last year. Looking back we’ve only covered two articles about the direct-to-video project from FX-man Robert Kurtzman (Exclusive Pics, Info From Kurtzman’s Buried Alive! – July 12, 2006).

After a long time of silence some news finally broke today. October 23rd may be a ways off, but Dimension Extreme just sent Fangoria the new art for Kurtzman’s college splatterfest Buried Alive. It is not as eye-catching as some of us had hoped for, but maybe the money was spent well elsewhere like on special features. Sadly, those details and other specs are still a secret. Odds are the rest of the information will spout up sometime next week, so keep it here.

Buried Alive keeps the tradition of stupid college kids running off into the middle of nowhere alive with the help of Saw‘s Tobin Bell. One of said coeds runs off from a sorority party and ends up disturbing a murderous witch who lives in the desert. Ah, those kids will never learn.

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