Polychrome Nabs Fallen Angels

Polychrome gets their hands on Jeff Thomas Fallen Angels!Strange how a film like 13 Seconds (review) gets press all over the ‘net, but all has been silent for director Jeff Thomas’ follow-up feature, Fallen Angels (review) for a while now.

Today, though, Thomas let the boys at Fangoria know that Warner Bros. division Polychrome Pictures has nabbed the film for DVD release, which is definitely a good thing for all involved. Even better; Fallen Angels will enjoy a quick theatrical run starting October 5th, with the disc planned for a November 13th street date.

The film tells of a CSI team investigating an abandoned prison set for demolition, when they encounter forces from the very pits of hell and have to fight for their lives.

The cast is an eclectic lineup, to say the least; They’ve got Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III star R.A. Mihailoff, genre stalwarts Reggie Bannister and Bill Moseley, Last House on the Left madman David Hess, just to name a few. That might look good on paper, but here’s hoping they have some chemistry with one another.

Hit up the Fango story for the DVD specs, and look below for a brand-new trailer for Fallen Angels. If you’re still hungry for more be sure to check out the official Fallen Angels site, too!

Johnny Butane

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