Exclusive: Actress Katrina Bowden Talks Tucker & Dale, Piranha 3DD and More!

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On November 29th Magnet Releasing is finally unleashing one of the best horror comedies of the last ten years when Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (review here) finally hits DVD and Blu-ray shelves everywhere. In the film our titular characters, a pair of well-meaning hillbillies (Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk) get mixed up in a gory but hilarious bloodbath when a group of college kids go camping near their vacation home and suspect the duo of kidnapping their friend Allison (Katrina Bowden) when they pull the co-ed’s lifeless body from the water after she gets knocked out while skinny-dipping.

Dread Central recently caught up with the extremely funny and talented Bowden to talk all things Tucker & Dale; her thoughts on horror, comedy, and the blending of the two genres; and the latest on her busy career.

Exclusive: Actress Katrina Bowden Talks Tucker & Dale, Piranha 3DD and More!

Bowden has been known to television viewers worldwide since 2006 as quirky office hottie Cerie on NBC’s “30 Rock.” We spoke to the actress about whether or not her comedic background was a factor in her wanting to take on the role of Allison in Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. “I think it was the mixture of both the horror and comedy elements that made me fall in love with Tucker & Dale. The comedic nature of the script definitely struck me first, but I think what makes this such an incredibly smart movie is the way the horror and comedy is fused together where it really works and serves the story. Sometimes it’s hard to get the two to work together, but with our movie I feel like Eli (director Craig) really managed both sides extremely well.”

The actress went on to discuss how the film, while hysterical, also manages to bring a significant message to the table.

“I definitely do think there is a message in Tucker & Dale beyond the funny stuff,” said Bowden. “With the way Eli takes the lead characters – characters like you’ve seen so many times in horror movies – and create them in such a way where you see they really aren’t bad people at all, and in fact, they’re really not so different from everyone else beyond basic economics. All Tucker and Dale want is a home to call their own and to be happy, which is something most of us want in life, too. The movie just shows us how we all are guilty of judging people unfairly but without ever throwing it in your face; we keep the message light but intact, and I liked that.”

One reasons Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has managed to resonate with the fans who have seen it, making it quite the buzzworthy indie flick of 2011, is due to the amazing chemistry among the talent director Craig assembled onscreen to tell his quirky hillbilly horror tale. Bowden explained a lot of what you see on camera happened rather quickly and naturally between her and her co-stars Labine and Tudyk. “I didn’t get to meet the guys before we started until about a week and a half before shooting so a lot of our chemistry really came out of the quick back-and-forth nature of the script. As we shot, though, we all really got to know each other insanely well, and I really had a blast during my scenes with Tyler especially.”

Now that Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is headed for home release, we asked the actress if there were any plans for a follow-up to the film. Bowden said, “Right now it’s a wait and see situation, but I know I would definitely be down to come back for a Tucker and Dale sequel if it were to happen. I’ve really been enjoying the horror genre, and I think there’s another great story to tell with all these characters.”

“I am really excited because this is a movie that everyone who worked on it has been so passionate about for such a long time. It’s really great to see it finally coming home, and hopefully people will enjoy what we’ve done here,” added Bowden.

Even though she’s ready to head back to hillbilly country any time she’s needed, that doesn’t mean Bowden has been resting on her laurels at all. “I’ve been incredibly busy recently filming three movies back to back to back. Two of them are horror movies – Piranha 3DD and Nurse 3D, and one is comedy – American Reunion. Even though horror has been so good to me over the last few years, I really love comedy and miss it when I’m not doing it so I can never stay away too long.”

And even though we knew that mum was probably going to be the word on John Gulager’s upcoming sequel Piranha 3DD, we did ask the actress about her experiences working on the project.

Said Bowden, “I’m not supposed to say too much about Piranha 3DD, but I really did have an awesome time making it. It was a trip to see these 3D cameras floating in the water right beside you, and John was a total blast to work with. He had me watch all of the Feast movies before I started working on Piranha, and after that I knew he was going to be crazy fun to work with.”

Exclusive: Actress Katrina Bowden Talks Tucker & Dale, Piranha 3DD and More!

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