Hatchet TV Spot!

Hatchet TV spot!Ah, the hype machine. For some movies it is a slow, lumbering best, barely alive and kept that way only by the devoted few who take pity on it with an occasional feeding.

For something like Adam Green’s Hatchet (review), though, it’s a godamn lion on the Serengeti after a fresh meal of Cape Buffalo. Mean. Powerful. And still hungry.

What the hell am I talking about? Well, in celebration of the theatrical release of Hatchet on Friday, September 7th, Anchor Bay parent company Starz has put together a very cool trailer/promo clip that is currently airing on their television branch. If you’re like me and don’t even have cable, or just don’t get Starz, you can now click here to check out their Hatchet promo piece right now. It’s pretty damn cool!

Going to Monster Mania this weekend? You damn well better be; Dread Central sure is! If so, make plans to hit the Anchor Bay booth to see Hatchet star Tony Todd, talking up the movie and just generally being a badass like he always is.

Hatchet is out in theaters on Friday, September 7th so make sure you’re plans involve seeing it opening weekend, and bring your friends and neighbors. Celebrate old school American horror!

Johnny Butane

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