New Line Adapting Rampage Arcade Game into a Big Screen Monstrosity

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There was a time when the notion of making motion pictures out of old school arcade games like Asteroids and Space Invaders was the subject of jokes. Today it’s the subject of multi-million dollar Hollywood studio deals. Perhaps chalk this one up to Hollywood’s renewed interest in giant monster movies; New Line is raring to Rampage.

Rampage is a relatively plotless coin-op arcade game from 1986 built around the idea of three hapless people mutated into giant monsters clearly based on Godzilla and King Kong with a giant werewolf thrown in for extra added strangeness. Players take control of one of these three monsters and go on a rampage of punching skyscrapers to the ground while fighting off the military and eating unlucky citizens.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog broke the news that New Line intends to turn this cult Midway video game into a major tentpole blockbuster movie.

No, really.

Final Destination co-producer John Rickard is set to begin meeting with writers to come up with a way to turn Rampage into a a smartly-budgeted monster movie in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day.

No, really.

If anyone from New Line is reading this right now, I don’t have any ideas for Rampage, but I’ve got a kickass idea for a found footage sci-fi horror film based on Berzerk I’d love to pitch you.

New Line Adapting Rampage Arcade Game into a Big Screen Monstrosity

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