Here’s Your Chance to Own Some Original Tom Six Artwork

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Being the huge fan of Tom Six that I am, I was certainly excited when Uncle Creepy gave me the assignment of covering the brush to linen artwork of the creator of The Human Centipede franchise. Unbeknownst to many of us, Six is not only a great director and a marketing genius, but he also slings a pretty mean paintbrush. As for the subject matter, let’s just say The Human Centipede is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depths of Tom Six’s madness. He is one demented dude.

As I scrolled through the artwork, which can be found at Paint Farts by Tom Six, I tried to place the feeling I was experiencing. I knew I had encountered it before but couldn’t quite identify it. Then it hit me. Ah yes… this was the same feeling I had upon reading the liner notes and song list to the first GG Allin album I ever owned. It’s just a sensation of, “Wow, this is twisted.”

I seriously encourage you to click your way over to Six’s art site and check things out for yourself. How often is it that you get the opportunity to own a hand-painted piece of work from a guy as infamous as Tom Six? But before you head over, let me give you a little rundown of some of the titles of the pieces. You have some images inspired by The Human Centipede, then several pages full of other works that are all available for purchase. Some samples of the titles are: Vomit, Shotgun Suicide, Miscarriage and (possibly Ed Gein inspired) Human Skin Lampshade. And I promise you that these are the tamer ones. Things get a little nuts over at Paint Farts by Tom Six.

About Tom Six the Painter
Tom Six (b. 1973), the writer/director known for the worldwide cult film hits the Human Centipede 1, 2 and upcoming Part 3, not only throws his controversial thoughts on film but also on linen. While producing movies takes ages, painting is a direct way to express his overflowing depraved creativity. Allergic to political correctness and hypocrisy, he states that life is utterly useless. Between birth and probably a very unpleasant death, mankind has to survive. Luckily there is sex, food, liquor and art. Enjoy!

To ensure you got a real Tom Six and not a fake, the painting is sold with a photo of Tom Six with the painting glued to the back of the framed linen. These are not silkscreen prints, only the unique originals.

Here's Your Chance to Own Some Original Tom Six Artwork

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