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About a month ago, we were stoked to share a copy of the banned/destroyed video for “A Nightmare on My Street”, a hip-hop ditty by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince (the later is, of course, Will Smith). Produced for Dream Warriors, the track was rejected by New Line; still, Jeff and Prince went ahead and released the track anyway. What followed was a legal battle that was amicably resolved—but with several stipulations.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince were allowed to release the track as long as it included a disclaimer making it clear the song was not an officially sanctioned Nightmare on Elm Street product (it eventually hit #15 on Billboard’s Hot 100). The video they produced, however, was ordered destroyed. The copy we shared in October was pulled from a VHS recording made before the embargo went into effect. It was, objectively, shitty but it gave us a nostalgic glimpse at a video that was believed completely lost to history.

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Well, it turns out that reports of the video’s destruction were definitely exaggerated. Recently, Jazzy Jeff himself released a legit version of “A Nightmare on My Street” on YouTube! Now, we can see the video in all its glory, without static and an accidental, momentary switch to an episode of Growing Pains!

I’m not sure if New Line is aware that the video survived or that Jazzy Jeff has released it to the public, but it’s probably a good idea to give this video a spin ASAP—lest it disappears once again into horror lore!

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