New Cloverfield Trailer With RE3?

Another chunk of Cloverfield info?Man, let me tell you, whoever is behind all this secrecy surrounding Cloverfield (or whatever it will eventually be called) they sure are doing a damn good job of keeping things confusing so far.

Two e-mails came to me this morning with info that you might consider “updates” but since everything is so up in the air as to what the hell is going on with the JJ Abrams-produced monster movie, who’s to say what’s real and what makes no sense at all? For example, we were contacted by a reader named “Teeds”, who pointed out that the Happy Talk section of the Japanese Slusho page had been updated with new quotes that had a lot to do with whales. My reaction?

What the hell is this guy talking about?

After some digging I found that this Slusho site isn’t exactly what it purports itself to be, which is a site for some weird Japanese Slushy-esque drink. This is a feeling you will likely share if you check out the “History” page; a very strange story, that, but does it have anything to do with Cloverfield? Only God and JJ Abrams know.

The other e-mail was a bit more grounded in reality, as it were, from a reader named “Brian” who claims to have a relative in the movie. He just wanted us to know that he’s heard talk about a new Cloverfield trailer in front of Resident Evil: Extinction, which hits theaters September 21st. The timing would make sense, and damn it’d be nice if they had a title by then, but we’ll have to wait till we’re a bit closer to the release date to know for sure. Just remember where you heard it first if it turns out to be true!

Finally, one last bit of digging I did was around the pages for some of the actors credited with roles in Cloverfield, and I came up with the official site for Mike Vogel, incorrectly credited as “Rob” on the IMDB. He pointed out recently that there are MySpace pages set up for some of the characters from the movie. Nothing about the page he listed as an example, that of JJ Hawkins, gives any indication that he’s anything but a guy from New York, however. But since Vogel was in the movie, I guess he would know, right? Check it out and see if you can find more.

See what I mean? It’s a twisted, convoluted and confusing path one goes down when researching this movie, I just hope JJ Abrams and crew are having a good chuckle about the madness they’ve cause online to date. Bastards.

Johnny Butane

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