First Details, Stills, Trailer, and Exclusive Clip from Terror Is Me

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Monsters are scary. Vampires, zombies, and demons… oh my! They can lead to a nightmare or two. But there are other monsters that are much, much scarier. We’re talking about the ones that are walking around in our everyday lives, the kind of monsters that are featured in writer/director Raj Uttamchandani’s chilling film Terror Is Me.

The image of the terrorist-filmed hostage tape has become an all too familiar nightmare, and Terror Is Me, a video blog/YouTube format film, preys upon the fears conjured by those visions and deals with some chillingly powerful subjects and ideas. It also has an innovative marketing strategy. Borrowing from Uttamchandani’s tech start-up background, a spot on the film’s New York Times MTV billboard is reserved for every individual who purchases the film.

We have some stills, an exclusive clip, and the trailer below.

Visit the “Create History” section of the official Terror Is Me website and follow the directions to order the film (from just $10) and submit your info for the billboard. It’s a unique opportunity, and all you have to do is jump on board now!

From the Press Release:
“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

A new breed of film arrives on the Internet from writer/director and tech entrepreneur Raj Uttamchandani (who also served as producer and editor). Terror Is Me is a psychological thriller in video blog form about terrorism and the evils behind human nature. The film introduces a new way of movie marketing that takes you beyond traditional, outdated publicity channels and into the new world of digital media, borrowing crowd funding, lean techniques, and bootstrapping methods from the tech industry.

Jon (Dominic Kelly), a former hostage and torture victim from the war in Afghanistan, comes home to London and finds himself suddenly suffering from a crippling depression. Jon spots Salim (Shekhar Bassi), an employee at his local hardware store, becomes convinced that he has found one of his kidnappers, and lures him into his basement to extract a recorded confession out of him. The film is Jon’s video blog of the entire event, the first time that such a narrative structure has been utilized.

Terror Is Me was shot in London over six days on a micro budget and with a crew that represented England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Iran, Wales, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Australia, Spain, and Venezuela. The film was shot on a Panasonic HVX200 camcorder, in real time, and has the feel of various spliced together YouTube videos.

Terror Is Me utilizes an innovative new type of publicity campaign to sidestep traditional marketing methods: Every individual who purchases and downloads the film will additionally be awarded a spot on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square to place a picture, logo, or text of their choosing. Fans can also purchase the film directly from the official Terror Is Me website or the Terror Is Me Facebook page.

The psychological thriller stars Dominic Kelly, Shekhar Bassi, Scott Christie, Emily McDonald, Munir Khairdin, Inam Mirza, Nickul Hathi, and Rafiq Ahmed and touches on topics such as terrorism, inequality, poverty, fanaticism, violence, horrific post-traumatic stress disorders befalling soldiers, and the realities of war. Terror Is Me purports to show why humanity needs to understand what lurks behind the feelings of fear, hate, and revenge that create wars and foster terrorism and ultimately how to escape from this vicious cycle.

During filming the 2008 Mumbai attacks hit, killing 164 people, including many individuals whom the cast and crew knew. This set the tone for shooting the rest of the film and made for some uncomfortable moments. For instance, after creating a makeshift Afghan terror cell with authentic firearms for one particular scene, the cast was suddenly asked to leave their shooting location after the landlord became suspicious that the team was making real and live terrorist videos. The production was nearly shut down for a second time when a pizza delivery man walked on set and attempted to phone police.

First Details, Stills, Trailer, and Exclusive Clip from Terror Is Me

First Details, Stills, Trailer, and Exclusive Clip from Terror Is Me

First Details, Stills, Trailer, and Exclusive Clip from Terror Is Me

First Details, Stills, Trailer, and Exclusive Clip from Terror Is Me

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