The Thing You Didn’t See

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To call the premake of The Thing a mixed bag is a bit of an understatement. Even after all these weeks have passed, we still can’t shake the feeling that there was behind-the-scenes turmoil we may never be privy to. The film for the most part was a decent combination of CGI and practical effects–that is, until the third act, when some sort of switch was flipped and we got an entirely different movie.

In any event, Make-Up Artist Magazine scored some really cool concept art and images from the film that feature some sick looking beasties. Hit up the link below for the rest after you’re done checking out the sampling we have here.

“Vincent Guastini’s special make-up effects credits include Requiem for a Dream, Dogma and Saturday Night Live; he also contributed to the recent prequel of The Thing, although you wouldn’t know it from watching the film.

“Guastini, who describes himself as ‘a huge fan of The Thing mythos’ says he was contacted in 2004 when the Syfy channel was considering an episodic version of The Thing and, later, a made-for-TV feature version penned by Frank Darabont…

Over time, however, concepts for the film and Guastini’s original ideas and designs ultimately weren’t used in the film. So here is your chance to see Guastini’s concept designs and sculptures for the first time.”

The Thing You Didn't See

The Thing You Didn't See

The Thing You Didn't See

The Thing You Didn't See

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Man I remember hearing about The Thing TV show; think it was around the time the video-game was released. Loved that game; though hated the fact that flamethrowers only shot downwards unless you knelt and the machine guns were inaccurate as hell.

    Very cool designs; though the Thing-Dog reminds me too much of the Resident Evil dogs.