Witness the Rage of the Yeti this Weekend on Syfy

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This Saturday night, November 12th, marks that magical time again when Syfy dips into the Sasquatchploitation genre for a new movie. If you want to witness what it looks like when the Abominable Snowman gets pissed, then have a look at these video clips from Rage of the Yeti.

The first thing you need to understand about this Yeti flick is that the Yeti isn’t really a Yeti. It’s actually a Yeren, the film’s original title. (Yeren, that is; not It’s Actually a Yeren. But how funny would that have been?) The “Yeren” is described as a smaller breed of Bigfoot said to roam China’s remote Hubei province. The name “Yeren” translates to “Chinese Wildman”.

But who the hell in America knows what a Yeren is so Rage of the Yeti it is.

“Stargate: Atlantis” co-star David Hewlett does double duty as both co-star and director of this UFO Films creature feature from Zombie Apocalypse writers Brooks Peck and Craig Engler about a team of treasure hunters led by Yancy Butler (Lake Placid 3) and David Chokachi (“Baywatch”) that get more than they bargained for in the form of Yetis that looks like monstrous horned sloths with really big teeth.

Rage of the Yeti premieres Saturday night at 9/8 Central. You should know the drill by now.

After the 30-second TV spot, the first clip Syfy has posted shows someone falling victim to one of these raging Yetis.

My biggest complaint about Syfy’s Zombie Apocalypse the other week was the overuse of computer effects in place of spraying blood, gunfire, and raging fires. This Rage of the Yeti clip leaves me perplexed as to why something as simple as an actor lighting a flare requires painting in the tiny flame instead of actually lighting a real flare. I can accept the CGI monster and the digitized snow; I cannot fathom why lighting a flare now must be a digital effect. Even from a safety/insurance standpoint, it’s still just a flare. If you have a road hazard kit in the trunk of your car, you have one of these ready for you to spark up at a moment’s notice, and it’s doubtful you’ll burn yourself doing so.

The second clip is a rather awkwardly staged action scene that… Let’s just say this Syfy original is making my Spidey sense tingle and not in a good way.

Witness the Rage of the Yeti this Weekend on Syfy

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  • theGoldenSimatar

    Garh! I hope I’m off work early enough. Nothing more wholesome than spending the day watching SyFy.

    Yeah, muzzle flashes; I can understand. Save money on blanks and probably time on all the precautions for life-fire.

    But a flare? Totally agree with you Foy that it seems pretty pointless. Unless the sound stage they shot this on (can’t imagine they shot totally on location for this thing) has a ‘no fire’ rule….why would they do it? Not like they’re risking setting the non-existant guy in a suit on fire.