Dreadtime Stories: Two From Braunbeck!

He’s been writing in various genres for years now, but primarily Gary A. Braunbeck is know for his extensive horror output. He possesses that very rare and exciting talent for being able to speak right to the reader, so that you almost get the feeling he wrote it just for you when you read his works.

That being said, you probably wouldn’t want to have him next to you when he read the two (yes, two!) stories he recorded for Dreadtime Stories; “In the House of the Hangman One Does Not Talk of Rope” and “Listening to Hendrix Sing 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)” because man, he is into them. A lot. Of all the author readings I’ve done so far, Braunbeck’s has been the most energetic yet. Odd, too, since both stories are pretty much downers.

Two Dreadtime Stories from Gary A. Braunbeck!

Give ‘em a listen below (one leads into the other but don’t worry, they’re both pretty damn short) and be sure to visit Gary Braunbeck’s official site to learn more about him and his works. His latest novel, Mr. Hands (review) is out now; you can help out both Gary and the site by getting your copy through Evilshop!

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