Wrath of Magus

Magus!Now here’s a nifty little horror/fantasy flick that I happened to stumble upon while looking up some info about another film on IMDB. You’d be surprised how often that’s happened to me.

This time I came across a flick about dueling dark wizards called Magus from writer/director John Lechago (Blood Gnome) that looks like it could fill the gap for those that weren’t fully satisfied by Dr. Mordrid, don’t care for Harry Potter, are still waiting for Marvel to produce a big screen version of Dr. Strange and for whom the “Lost Boys meets Dragonball Z” finale of The Covenant just didn’t cut it.

I’ll simply defer to the film’s synopsis for further details.

“Since the dawn of time magic users have availed their mysterious power to ward off evil and heal the body. Throughout history wizards, sorcerers and magicians have practiced in secrecy, keeping their powers hidden, guided by the Wizard’s Code. But there are some who desire mastery over others and attain the highest level of magic to gain it. Even just one wizard, obsessed with his own power, can threaten their secret world. This one is called the MAGUS.

When Felix, a broken down healer, learns that the Magus has abandoned the Wizard’s Code and is using his power for evil, he is forced to come out of reclusion and find a way to turn his healing energy into a killing force. As this improbable hero starts training for his inevitable duel, the Magus continues using his magic powers to kill off all of the Secret Chiefs.”

If you head over to the website Turning Point Films have set up for Magus you’ll find a trailer that actually looks pretty impressive for what is obviously a fairly low budget film. It may consist primarily of guys blasting one another with beams of light coming out of their hands, but it’s pretty well done.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one’s progress.

The Foywonder

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