The Night Crew Returns!

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Yes, those enigmatic cinematics are back with the launch of Season 2 of their popular podcast. So far this season the Crew has release three episodes as well as a Halloween Music Special, and there’s no stopping them now.

Here’s what’s been unleashed so far…

Episode 1

Well, they’re back… with a whole new look, a streamlined format, and a bunch of new contributors… all designed to slap your face and call you “Shirley.”

Ok, so… Season 2 Episode 1. First off, as always, there’s the Mighty Canuck Andrew Mack bringing you all the news that fit to cruise in his Twitch News of the Week. Next up, Sean and Thom go over a few of the films they’ve watched (and these by no means even scratch the surface of the amount of cinema these guys watch) over the break. After that, there’s Jonathan Lloyd Walker fresh from filming the much anticipated prequel to THE THING. You may know Jonathan from such films as RED, SHOOTER, LAND OF THE DEAD, and a boatload of other films and television shows, and he gives the straight dope on this controversial film. Thom then begins the new season with his introductory salvo for “Tales of Samurai Honor,” this discussion of the Post-War Japanese Chanbara Film. Not to be outdone, Sean kicks the tires and lights the fires with “Lit Cigs and Smoking Guns” in which he discusses the French Existential Crime Thriller. After his successful series “Wild Westerns Movie Primer,” Phillip Nutman returns with “Even Madmen… Love Musicals” and discusses the genre in general and ALL THAT JAZZ in particular. Next, we’re joined by The Big Red One, the one, the only, Ron Perlman who talks about not only his new film BUNRAKU, but he also drops some bombs regarding his possible involvement in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming PACIFIC RIM. Not satisfied? Well, we have writer and genre vet Lorelei Shannon and her new column “Books That Burn” where she reviews some important books you all should be reading. Then, fresh from the UK, Gareth Jones puts bullets into our gun with “Killed Fucking Dead: The Fine Art of Malevolent Creature Eradication,” a detailing on just how to kill cinema’s dangerous beasties. Rounding out this initial episode, Hollywood authority and historian David Del Valle tells a tale or two about his meeting with the infamous Ed Wood in “Stories I Haven’t Told Twice.” And to wind things up, there’s writer and musician, Mars Homeworld, who gives us “Music From the Dead House.” Not bad for a bunch of wanted felons, eh?

So, sit back and grab your favorite intoxicant, and enjoy Episode 1 of The Night Crew.

Season 2 Premiere Episode

Episode 2

This episode The Night Crew brings you director Monte Hellman and author Joe R. Lansdale. Hear about Hellman’s classics Two-Lane Blacktop and Cockfighter, as well as his recent neo-noir Road To Nowhere. Then Hisownself, Mr. Lansdale, hangs out and talks his new novels, the writing process, and geeks out over comics and movies with Sean and Thom. All this goodness, plus our usual columns and madness, adds up to one more beautifully fucked up mess that can only be the new episode of THE NIGHT CREW!

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 3

It’s Halloween and no one knows how to celebrate the spookiest of holidays better than those Rulers of Radness, the Sultans of Schwing, The Night Crew! In this episode we talk with a couple of guys who really love this holiday, filmmaker Frank Hennenlotter (BASKET CASE, FRANKENHOOKER, BAD BIOLOGY) and musician and Howard Stern Show regular Richard Christy. Both of these guys know their horror films and help us conjure up the spirit of the season. If these aren’t enough goodies for your Trick-r-Treat Bag, we offer up our usual bevy of informative columns, toe-tappin’ music, and sprinkle in a few mind-blowin’ trailers to make it all go down easy. And to top it all off, Sean and Thom run down 13 Essential Halloween Horror Films to make your night that much more special. Yes, it’s the show that rings your bell, takes your candy, and then kicks in the face of your jack-o-lantern anyway… it’s The Night Crew!

Season 2 Episode 3

The First Ever NIGHT CREW STEW O’ GRUE Halloween Candy Bag Special!!!

Halloween does not have to be over when you have the first ever Night Crew Stew O’ Grue, our first ever Halloween special. It’s a mix of schizophrenic music, terrifying trailers, tooth decay causing product placement, and surprise guests. Hang out and groove to the sounds that our ghost in the machine, the one and only uber hot Crystalbot, is throwing down. Help Sean and Thom hand out Halloween candy to some very special trick or treaters, and do your best to get a pumpkin ale hangover!

The First Ever NIGHT CREW STEW O’ GRUE Halloween Candy Bag Special!!

The Night Crew Returns!

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