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Another new poster for Cloverfield (click to see it bigger!)A few months back I wrote an article about information I’d received from an insider source regarding an upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original movie premiering later this month called Mega Snake. In that article I bemoaned how I never get scoops on any big screen movies, just direct-to-DVD and Sci-Fi Channel stuff. A reader who works in the industry apparently heard my cry and decided to take some pity on me by spilling a few beans about what is probably the most speculated about motion picture of the moment.

Perhaps you’ve heard some of the rampant speculation regarding a certain JJ Abrams-produced film currently known only as Cloverfield or 1-18-08 that’s taken the World Wide Web by storm ever since its trailer premiered before The Transformers? I’ve seen everything online from it being a new Godzilla movie to being about a giant jellyfish created from soft drink sludge to a live action Voltron flick to it being a big screen version of the video game Rampage and so on…

Someone I know to be “in the know” was willing to throw me a bone with some small but interesting tidbits about the mysterious monster movie under the condition of absolute anonymity. With that in mind, let’s just call this particular person “Mr. Slusho”. Let me preface this by saying I have no way of confirming any of this info, though I’ve no reason to believe “Mr. Slusho” would feed me false information on purpose.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been told.

It’s not Godzilla or Voltron (duh) or even Cthulu; anyone expecting there to be some sort of elaborately detailed backstory may be in for a disappointment. Expect an old-fashioned monster movie retold in a very modern Blair Witch sort of way – but with a twist. You see that giant monster that emerges from the ocean to begin laying waste to New York City … it didn’t come alone.

According to “Mr. Slusho”, much of the movie will revolve around the characters fleeing for their lives, not from the big one stomping the city, but from the “raptor-like” smaller versions hunting them down.

If so, that would make sense. Word from the start has been that this would not be a mega-budget movie and the digital effects work needed for a giant monster trashing New York City would no doubt cost a heck of a lot more than street level action of people being chased by smaller monsters. This would also seem to jive with some of the set footage that’s shown up online … it’s just too bad it sounds so much like the Emmerich Godzilla, however.

So there you go, folks. We’ll find out how accurate this insider info is soon enough. In the meantime I now return to your regularly scheduled Cloverfield/1-18-08 speculation.

The Foywonder

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