The Uninvited Horror Mag Barges Into the App Store

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A brand new horror-themed application has been launched at the App Store, and The Uninvited, a chilling e-magazine, is wasting no time getting the creepy scares out. The first issue, which contains five full works, three short stories and two comic books, is available now!

If you would be gracious enough to scroll down and check out the video below you’ll meet the founder of The Uninvited, Adam Blainey, who takes you on a guided tour of the app. You can also visit The Uninvited website and its Facebook page for more info.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like slick work. You’re getting over 60 pages of horror and weird fiction. And for the low price of $4.99, can you really go wrong? Follow the links above to find out more and check it out! And, by the way, I expect especially heavy sales from Texas because you know all you Rangers fans were saving some extra loot to buy your Texas Rangers World Series Champions T-shirts. So you’ve got that money just lying around now. Spend it on horror!

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