Killcam Live to be First Interactive Social Networking Film

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Okay now, this is a good idea. All of us have sat in front of a movie and just hung our heads at the direction it took. Either some of the characters were too dopey or the story dragged, but we’ve all wished for an opportunity to grab a movie halfway through viewing it and change the outcome. Well, gorehounds, Killcam Live is going to give you that chance this Halloween.

Starting on October 31st viewers can go to KillcamLive.com and see the first video clips when they are uploaded. From there the audience will be able to interact with the characters from the film via Facebook and Twitter (@Killcam_Live). And according to filmmakers, the feedback from the audience will affect how the film plays out. Killcam Live will be released online in segments over the course of eight weeks.

If you want to see a little more, scroll down to the teaser trailer below. The countdown has already started on KillcamLive.com, and I’ve gotta tell you, nothing is more titillating than a countdown. What happens at 00:00? Murder? Mayhem? Chris Jericho arriving in a shower of pyrotechnics as Y2J? You can probably count on two out of three of those. Stay tuned!

From the Press Release
Up-and-coming director John Darko has been directing a unique new social horror project entitled Killcam Live that features an interactive website and more. The film will follow a group of college students as they willingly participate in an experiment to study the effects of communicating solely through social media.

Inspired by the success of Paranormal Activity, this microbudget horror aims to be the ultimate in trans-media/interactive entertainment. On October 31st they’ll follow a group of college students participating in an experiment to study communicating solely through social media and the latest in technological advances. Until something goes wrong…and then it really gets interesting. It’s described as a bit of the original Scream franchise with a bit of Paranormal Activity. Darko says that they “want the audience to leave with an unsettling feeling, questioning the authenticity of what just transpired through our live premieres.”

Killcam Live will be the first of its kind, intertwining a full social media experience with live (real time) interaction with aspects of the story and characters, creating a cross-platform patchwork narrative. Darko and his production company are working with Ustream for their videos and broadcasts. A countdown has started on the film’s website.

Insidious’ David M. Brewer is on camera, and the film is produced by April Wade, Darko and Jeff Kalligheri (The Stare).

Killcam Live to be First Interactive Social Networking Film

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