Beau Celebrates April Fool’s?

Beau GarrettThere’s just no point in bitching about remakes anymore. What else is there to say? All to often the newer film never lives up to the original or even brings a single fresh idea to the table, but they rake in the cash. That means the studios will keep pumping them out like April Fool’s Day.

Following news that Halloween 2007’s Scout Taylor-Compton joined the cast of The Butcher Brothers’ April Fool’s Day remake, Bloody Disgusting is now reporting that Turistas (review) hotty Beau Garrett is currently being swooned into joining the cast.

The basic plot from the original is in place, but how this new take on the old bait-n-switch film is not clear yet. Too many people would see it coming if this new film pulled the same gag the earlier version did, so maybe this one will actually have a pay off that won’t leave most of us groaning.


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Jon Condit