The Dead Are Among Us – And They Have Advocates!

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The Dead Are Among Us - And They Have Advocates!There are many groups that have been disenfranchised throughout history; be it race, religion, gender or sexuality- the fight for equality has changed its face many times. This time, however, its face has become rotten, bloodied and pretty nasty.

The dead have risen, and they are hungry … for acceptance. At the beginning of October Westlake Ace Hardware launched a special section on its website that was meant to help individuals “zombie proof” their homes as well as showing how some of its products could be used to attack the living dead.

One group wasn’t having it: Zombies Unite.

Founded by Veronica Greenesh, undead American, Zombies Unite was begun to fight for the rights of the living impaired. Veronica and her team quickly found their focus in the form of a campaign started by Westlake Ace Hardware.

Launching a Zombie Preparedness Center earlier this month, the focus was initially on how their items could be used to destroy the undead as well fortify your home to keep out the undead.

Feeling that Westlake Ace was reinforcing negative stereotypes, Zombies Unite set out to protest this hate campaign and get the facts out there. Starting a Zombies Unite Facebook page to gather support, the group quickly attracted the attention of the hardware chain and managed to get them to change their approach. Now the site has changed its focus to preparing your home and fortifying it to keep “rogue zombies” out but adding focus on home ownership for the undead, offering solutions on reattaching body parts (glue and caulking) and removing the stink of rotted flesh from their homes (flypaper and industrial odor removers).

Zombies Unite spokesperson Jack Phillips spoke to us about the change of attitude, “Of course, there are always bad apples so Westlake Ace has taken a more defensive approach with its ‘tools as weapons’ outlook.”

“This is all part of Zombies Unite’s mission, to provide advocacy and support for undead Americans. I’m a living American, but I think it’s important that outsiders see that there are living humans involved in the movement so that people see that our undead brothers and sisters are trustworthy.”

To learn more about the Zombies Unite group, check out their official website or the Zombies Unite Facebook page. You can also find out more about Westlake Ace’s “Zombie Preparedness Campaign” on the special ZPC page.

No matter which side of the debate you fall on, there is one thing you can’t deny: It’s pretty awesome when a major company is willing to have a little Halloween fun.

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