The Original Thing Cast Watches the Premake

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The Original Thing Cast Watches the PremakeEver wonder what would happen if worlds collided? Or, for that matter, if the space time continuum gets disrupted and the original cast of a film would settle down for a remake years later? Well, you’re about to find out as the guys at JoBlo have conjured up a short that is nothing less than absolute magic!

Seriously, this could very well be our favorite thing that we’ve posted all month. Sit back, relax, and get set to find out who’s real and who’s an imposter.

Universal’s premake of the John Carpenter classic The Thing is in theatres now. See it if you dare or just watch the original! You may be better off! Enough talk! Dig it!

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  • DavidFullam

    A winner, in my opinion, of the Oscar for best short film.

  • Cinemascribe

    I haven’t seen the new Thing yet and I have no doubt the Carpenter version is superior, but enough already. People need to stop dropping to their knees and blowing the 1982 version of The Thing. Yeah, it’s creepy and has amazing visual one can argue that..but not only is it a remake in and of itself of what I think is a scarier movie, but in terms of character development- I think it’s one of Carpenter’s weakest films. I never really had an investment in any of the characters in the movie. Every one of those men begins and ends their time on screen as a relative blank skate with no real depth.They’re casually sketched and then wound up and let go. In Halloween, the Fog and in the Mouth of Madness there were characters I could empathize with. In The Thing all of the impact comes from the technical side and while that can be entertaining,the fact is that there are far better films from the same director.

    • Shambling_in_Bandages

      Wait… what? The movie with the sentient vegetable man stomping around is scarier than the one featuring the creepy, persona-devouring life-form?

      • Cinemascribe

        In my opinion? Yeah, actually. Vegetable man or not, The Thing (From Another World) didn’t require loads of gruesome visual f/x to generate genuine suspense, pull off one of the greatest jump scares of all time (The creature unexpectedly revealed to be standing behind a door when two of the main characters open it) and really keep you watching until the very last frame. That movie was so ahead of its time in its sensibility and pacing it was uncanny.

        Please understand that I’m not anti-Carpenter’s The Thing..I own a copy and really enjoy the movie. But there seems to be this idea that the 1982 film doesn’t have plenty of its own issues,which it did…mainly the fact that the characters are less genuine people than they are archetypes who have practically no depth.The reason Carpenter’s version works as well as it does (and it does work overall, again, I am a fan) is all on the technical end, with the use of the arctic setting effectively creating a sense of isolation and Rob Bottin’s masterful visuals giving the Thing of the title a tangibility rarely equaled in the genre.

        That said, I liked the cast of the Howard Hawks produced original a LOT more. For all of the sound and fury of the 1982 film, nothing in that film had me as tense as the scene at the end of the older picture when everyone is huddled in the darkened hallway,watching as the Thing stands back-lit in the doorway, staring at the human beings huddled in the shadows, each of them hoping to God that it steps onto the catwalk and gets fried before it can reach them and tear them apart.

        • Diavolo

          While I agree that the characters are not the most well rounded, they are all easily distinguishable individuals (ironic considering the nature of what the creature does). Given the pace of the film, we don’t really have the luxury of getting much insight into each of them. Overall I think that Carpenters ‘The Thing’ gets so many things right, that the slightly underdeveloped cast is a minor flaw that doesn’t affect the tone of the film for me.
          As far as tension and scares are concerned, what works brilliantly for one viewer can leave another unmoved (‘Paranormal Activity’ I’m looking at you)!

  • jkincer

    Awesome video! It’s amazing how nothing has come close to touching Bottin’s work. CGI is the ulitimate in lazy effects.

  • LSD Zombie

    Damn straight! Give me Bottin’s awesome creature effects over laughable CGI shit.

    • Vanvance1

      I’ll third that. Best monster f/x ever. That’s when special f/x WERE special.