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Aliens Vs. Predators on your PSP!Planet AvP brings word of a new Aliens vs Predator game heading to the PSP. From the sounds of things it’s a movie tie in to the upcoming sequel, Aliens vs Predator, but reportedly based on an earlier version of the script than the film is using.

You play as a predator, or a group of predators in the co-op mode, fighting the aliens in modern day America after a predator ship containing a boat load of face huggers crashes into a secluded town. You’ll also have to deal with the National Guard who are presumably having trouble realizing that some of the aliens running around small town America are actually trying to help.

As a predator you are gifted with the expected vision enhancements of thermal vision and alien hunting vision much as in previous Aliens vs Predators games, and an assortment of the kind of weapons you’d expect a predator to bring to battle; the much loved disc, spear, classic wrist blades and an assortment of shoulder cannons.

Weapons are reportedly upgradable using the currency you earn from fighting honorably. Predators as we know fight with honor and by gaining honorable kills, avoiding killing unarmed civilians, killing without using your vision modes and the like, you’ll earn the honor needed to get those upgraded weapons.

Screenshots reportedly show a third person perspective.

As we find out more about the title such as its name, release date and all that good stuff, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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