Both Coreys in for Lost Boys 2

Both Coreys are back for more Lost BoysHow many more reasons do you need that Lost Boys 2 is going to suck? A lot? I mean, if the fact that it has to do with surfing vampires isn’t enough, what about the fact that it’s being directed by From Dusk Till Dawn 3 helmer P.J. Pesce?

For me, that’s enough. So the supposed casting of Corey Haim and Feldman, as well as third Frog Brother Jamison Newlander (as reported by Shock Till You Drop), just screams desperation to me more than anything else. I mean sure, Lost Boys appealed to a lot of kids because of the Brothers Frog, but the reason the movie still stands the test of time had very little to do with them.

But wait, there’s more; STYD also learned that Angus Sutherland, half brother of Keifer, will be donning fangs for the role of the Big Bad in Lost Boys 2. Wow, half brother, eh? Wonder if he’s out for revenge for the death of David in the first movie … 20 years ago. Maybe news travels slow in the world of vampires?

Expect more stuff soon since cameras roll first thing next Monday. I know I’ll be anticipating new word on this soon-to-be-classic with baited breath.

Johnny Butane

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