Grimm Creator Stephen Carpenter Releasing Killer in the Hills eBook this December

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Grimm Creator Stephen Carpenter Releasing Killer in the Hills eBook this DecemberStephen Carpenter, screenwriter turned self-published author/creator of NBC’s new show “Grimm”, is releasing the second book in his Killer series, which follows Jack Rhodes, an author and former boxer who was on his way to literary success when his life was blown apart by the horrific suicide of his fiancee. On December 6th Killer in the Hills will be available in e-book format from online retailers Amazon, iTunes, etc.

In the second installment of the Killer series, Stephen Carpenter has entangled his character, mystery writer Jack Rhodes, in a web of sex, murder, and money — this time in Hollywood, where Jack spent his early years as a screenwriter. Jack’s past comes back to haunt him when a B-movie actress-turned-hooker Penelope Foxx is found murdered in a suite at the Chateau Marmont. Jack’s friend, FBI Special Agent Melvin Beauchamp, interrupts Jack’s quiet writer’s routine to give Jack some shocking news: Penelope Foxx was Jack’s wife. They had married during a time when personal tragedy had led Jack to an extended bout of heavy drinking and blackouts. Jack has no memory of marrying Penelope, but the license and photos from a Vegas quickie-marriage chapel offer proof positive.

Jack cooperates with the investigation and uncovers brief memories of his drunken fling with the murdered actress Penelope and more — he may have a daughter, a 15-year-old girl who already has her own checkered past and who becomes Suspect Number One in the murder of her mother. Jack finds the girl, Karen Rhodes, and, unsure whether he is her father, protects her from the police and the dangerous men who have taken control of her life. Jack winds up on the run with young Karen and revisits the unsavory characters from his past to piece together the puzzle of who killed Penelope … and whether Karen really is his daughter. Jack’s journey takes him from the lowest bottom-feeders in Hollywood to the pinnacles of power, while giving young Karen a crash course in how to trust, how to live independently, and how to grow up right — without following the example of her mother.

Gripping, fast-paced, and rich with authentic details about the current culture of Hollywood, Killer In The Hills is a ripped-from-the headlines L.A. story, full of eccentric, egomaniacal, and brutally ambitious characters. It will keep you guessing right until the shattering conclusion.

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