Troll 2: The Documentary

It's Goblin spelled backwards!Oh, how does Troll 2 bring back fond memories of the summers I spent watching Showtime. Every other day it was a sure thing Troll 2 would come on at about 2PM, and I’d sit there amazed at how … totally fucking horrible it was! Without a doubt the first Troll film was nothing special, but the second installment really received a big cult following. It is a guilty pleasure that makes for enjoyable riffing.

We learned today, thanks to Buz, that the kid who saved his family with a golden stream of urine has created a documentary all about Troll 2. Yes, little Joshua (Michael Stephenson) is all grown up and embracing the fans as you can see by clicking here.

Believe it or not, Mike hated this movie. Not that you can blame him with the few credits he has to his resume, but his feelings changed. That’s bound to happen when people actually start paying money and stand in line around a theatre just to see one of the worst pictures ever made.


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