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Nightmare Inspector (click to see it bigger)Viz has been bringing you the most popular Manga for years now, as diehard fans will attest. So you may be asking yourself, “What do they have for me, the innocent little horror fan alone in the world?” While their pages don’t appear to be of the “blood-soaked” variety, these titles should pique your interest. Here’s the rundown…

  • Nightmare Inspector: Yumeui Kenbun – Set to debut in April, 2008, it should captivate fans with Gothic shojo-style artwork mated to a supernatural mystery story in the tradition of great comics like Sandman and House of Mystery/House of Secrets.

    For those who suffer nightmares, help lies in wait at the Silver Star Tea House, where patrons can order much more than Darjeeling. Hiruko is a special kind of private investigator. He’ll enter his clients’ dreams and rid them of their darkest visions – but only at the risk of exposing their darkest secrets!

  • The Record of a Fallen Vampire – [This book] will launch in May and tells the story of a Vampire King that has lost his kingdom and his queen. A thousand years ago, humans took the queen hostage during an attempt to kill the king. Trying to protect him, the queen unleashed her power, nearly destroying the world in the process. Unable to kill the queen, the humans sealed her away and erected thousands of fake seals so that the king can never find her. The king’s search continues even today.

    Death Note (click to see it bigger)

  • Death Note – The story of a boy who finds a book where, if you were to write a name, that person will die immediately. Now denizens of the underworld are dropping like flies and one brilliant detective is on the case. The lines between good and evil are blurred in this manic tale making its way into the hands of American Manga fans as we speak.

    With 2 films and countless books to fuel the fire, expect to see a lot more from this title! Viz does not disappoint.

  • Viz Media’s Shonen Jump™ Home Video line will offer Death Note, which is presently available for digital download, coming to DVD in November with subtitles and newly dubbed audio; plus a special limited edition will also be issued that features a collectible figurine of the shinigami Ryuk. Later volumes of the collector’s edition will include figurines of Light, L, Misa, and other popular characters.

    New Death Note print titles for 2008 will include Death Note: How to Read 13 in February, which is the ultimate encyclopedia of all things Death Note. Readers will even discover the mysterious character L’s real name on a special trading card included with the edition. February will also see the release of Death Note: Another Note the Los Angeles BB Murders Cases. This is an original novel based on characters and concepts from the manga, anime and movie that takes place in Los Angeles with detective L working with a former FBI agent to help the LAPD investigate grisly serial killer crimes.

    For more info, hit up Viz’s official site!


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