What? Charlie Band Worry?

Charlie Band back againI’d never before heard of worry dolls, but then I’m not from Central America. Worry dolls are these tiny dolls, usually about 1/2 inch tall and made from cotton, wood and card, that originated in Guatemala. Not so much children’s playthings as they are the focus of native folklore; a person who cannot sleep places a worry doll under their pillow and the doll is believed to worry in the person’s place, permitting the person to sleep peacefully.

But it’s okay that I’ve not heard of them because Charles Band has and leave it to the man who never met a doll or puppet he didn’t want to transform into instruments of death to find a way to turn worry dolls into killers. Any moment now Band will begin work on his newest killer doll flick: Dangerous Worry Dolls.

I love the fact that he felt the need to qualify the title with the use of the adjective “dangerous”. As if box art with what will no doubt be uglied-up, evil-looking little dolls won’t be enough to let everyone know that this isn’t going to be kiddy entertainment along the lines of “Monster in my Pocket”.

Dangerous Worry Dolls “…takes place behind the cold, metal doors of a woman’s detention center on the edge of the desperately hot desert. It’s here where the women endure the wrath of prison life as they are subjected to harassment by fellow inmates and some of the guards. But when Eva’s daughter gives her mom a handful of worry dolls for protection, the dolls take over Eva’s entire being, and payback is a bitch!”

According to Band’s blog, the “dangerous” worry dolls in question will be 1/2 inch tall and tailored to designs in theme with Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” celebration. They also get into the lead character’s body by crawling into her ear. Ick!

Also on the Band burner is Decadent Evil 2 (pictured), a sequel I suppose someone must have been clamoring for – damn sure wasn’t me.

“After surviving their encounter with the Queen vampire Morella in Decadent Evil, sweet vampire Sugar and her human boyfriend Dex travel with Marvin the homunculus to Little Rock, Arkansas. Their plan: to revive Marvin’s dead son, the famous vampire hunter Ivan Burroughs with the life-giving blood of the King Vampire. On a quest to locate the King Vampire, Sugar and Dex are drawn into a coven of the wicked creatures that are using a local strip club as cover. When Sugar is kidnapped for sacrifice to the King Vampire, Dex manages to revive Ivan as one of the living dead to assist in the rescue efforts.”

I’ll say this; unlike the first one, the sequel sounds like it might have an actual plot to it. We’ll see. Actually, you’ll see – and you know who you are – because I’ve got zero interest in a second dose of Decadent Evil after watching and reviewing the original. I’ll just save up my energy for when The Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust gets released.

For those interested, Decadent Evil 2 hits DVD shelves on October 2nd.

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