The Terror Beneath Plants the Seeds of Man’s Destruction this Weekend

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The destruction is going to be biblical in this weekend’s Syfy original supernatural disaster movie The Terror Beneath when seeds from the Garden of Eden unleash apocalyptic foliage upon our modern world. And to think all these years we’ve been led to believe the apple was the source of man’s downfall.

Militant environmentalists Kate and Joe witness, and videotape, the rapid growth of a gigantic root system that literally begins mowing through the country like an earthquake. At the same time, government agent Jack Taylor contacts plant expert Jocelyn Snow, who discovers that her ex-colleague, Frame Marcos, is the probable source of the ancient seed that started the whole ecological disaster. Under the growing threat of massive tsunamis should the enormous root system burrow under the ocean, Jack, Jocelyn, Joe and Kate confront Frame in his compound, then return to the place where it all began, with the hopes that Jocelyn can disable the embryonic root and bring the disaster to an end.

Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”), Jesse Moss (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil), James Morrison (“24”), and Stefanie von Pfetten (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Theif) star in this Cinetel production from Syfy director du jour Paul Ziller (Stonehenge Apocalypse, Loch Ness Terror) and co-writer Mike Muldoon.

The film was previously titled Seeds of Destruction and Garden of Evil so, of course, in the end they went with a super generic title like The Terror Beneath.

Of late Syfy has been providing multiple clips from its films, sometimes weeks in advance. For The Terror Beneath they’ve posted bupkis other than one blurry image and the 30-second TV spot you can watch below. I can’t help but wonder if that should be interpreted as a bad sign of things to come.

Look for The Terror Beneath on Syfy this Saturday night at 9/8 Central with a replay four hours later.

The Terror Beneath Plants the Seeds of Man's Destruction the Weekend

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