The Lizardman Walks Among Us

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At the end of my very negative review of Creature, I wrote that I like old school monster movies and want to support such films so long as they’re better than Creature. Hopefully Lizardman can deliver on the rubber suit gillman fun I was hoping for last month.

Directed by Peter Dang from a script by Steve Goldenberg and Francis Abbey, Lizardman is a very low budget homage to the Creature from the Black Lagoon, though the plot sounds like it has more in common with its sequel, Revenge of the Creature.

Here the plot synopsis courtesy of Undead Backbrain:

Billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by capturing his nemesis, the scaly crypto-creature known as the Lizardman. Hansen wants to prove to the world that the Lizardman really exists. A group of scientists lead by Professor Reeves examines this creature. Reeves realizes he has a chance for fame and fortune and so convinces Hansen that the Lizardman needs to be brought to Los Angeles. During a press meeting the creature breaks out and wreaks havoc on the people of LA.

Despite having been made for a fraction of the money Creature cost and having a title monster whose suit looks like a cruder version of the gillman costume from The Monster Squad, a part of me can’t help but watch this teaser trailer and get the sense the makers of Lizardman have a better handle on the material and what people want from an old fashioned creature feature.

The Lizardman Walks Among Us

The Lizardman Walks Among Us

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