Darren Bousman Shares a Photo from the Set of The Barrens

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Darren Bousman on Twitter

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And another photo from the set of a currently in production project got our attention tonight thanks to the magic of Twitter. Darren Lynn Bousman posted an image from The Barrens on his feed, and we have to say the star of the scene in question is quite a looker!

Bousman writes: Just another night on THE BARRENS! Earlier, as Week 1 of shooting wrapped up, he shared a bit about the harsh weather conditions he and the cast and crew were dealing with: Day 4 of shooting… Day 4 of straight rain… Who was the asshole that wrote an entire movie taking place outside? Which was followed by: Day 5 – torrential downpour! Come on Mother Nature. Please cut us a break… It’s stopped being funny. Hopefully things are better as the film enters its second week of shooting.

Mia Kirshner (“The Vampire Diaries”, 388 Arletta Avenue, The Black Dahlia), Erik Knudsen (Scream 4, Saw II), J Larose (Insidious, Saw III), Stephen Moyer (“True Blood,” The Caller), Allie MacDonald (House at the End of the Street), Max Topplin (Dead Before Dawn 3D, “Fringe”) and Peter DaCunha all co-star in the flick.

The legend of The Jersey Devil has been passed along for hundreds of years as the creature has risen from obscurity to take its place alongside the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and the Chupacabra. The creature is deeply rooted in New Jersey culture; the local NHL team takes its name from the creature, and Bruce Springsteen put his own spin on the legend in “A Night with the Jersey Devil.”

Despite their reluctance, Richard Marlow (Moyer) takes his wife, Cynthia (Kirshner); their young son, Danny; and his teenage daughter, Sadie, to the Pine Barrens for a long weekend of camping and family bonding. As they arrive at the Wharton State Forest, a mutilated deer runs out into the road, nearly colliding with the Marlows’ car. Later that evening another bloodied animal falls from a tree. Bad turns to worse when, in the middle of the night, a college boy camping nearby disappears into the woods. Nevertheless, Richard presses the family to hike farther into the forest to the spot where he used to camp with his father. He is feverish, and a past wound on his arm appears badly infected, but when it begins to rain, there is no turning back. Richard’s sickness soon becomes debilitating; his headaches turn to hallucinations. What’s worse, he believes there is something stalking them…something with yellow eyes, pointed horns, and the wings of a bat – THE JERSEY DEVIL. The disfigured bodies of the missing camper and another college boy soon turn up. The Marlows must fight for their lives as the horrifying answer reveals itself in a shocking and tragic conclusion.

Darren Bousman Shares a Photo from the Set of The Barrens

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