New One-Sheet for The Lost Coast Tapes Gets to the Point on Bigfoot

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Cinéma vérité style filmmaking and Bigfoot should go together like peanut butter and jelly! Ash and the evil dead! Jason and naked teens! It’s really a wonder that anyone has yet to make an effective film focusing on the legend of the Sasquatch using this technique, but if the first poster for The Lost Coast Tapes is any indication of what’s to come, one may well be on its way.

Continental Media, a new film sales company, has grabbed the rights to sell the latest horror-POV feature The Lost Coast Tapes, which just wrapped post-production and is already gaining traction with foreign distributors.The Lost Coast Tapes follows a group of investigative journalists as they set out to Northern California to debunk a rogue hunter claiming he has caged a Bigfoot.

Directed by Corey Grant and starring Drew Rausch, Rich McDonald, Ashley Wood, Frank Ashmore, and Noah Weisberg, not much is available on the flick at the moment; but we’ve been promised a teaser trailer soon.

In 2011 a documentary crew traveled to a remote site in Northern California to verify the discovery of a dead Sasquatch. This footage is all that remains.

New One-Sheet for The Lost Coast Tapes Gets to the Point on Bigfoot

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  • Cinemascribe

    That’s the best tagline I’ve read in a while” “It doesn’t like being called a hoax.” I’d give this a shot based on that alone.

    I gotta say..I love me some Sasquatch goodness. It’s been a life long fascination with mer. Down here in South Florida ,our variant is known as the Skunk Ape due to a rotten odor they give off and there have a been a few sightings locally over the years. One of them occurred less than half a mile from my neighborhood when I was about five years old when- presumably- one of the creatures approached the back window of a small hotel (which has long since been closed down,the lot leveled and rebuilt as a car dealership) that had been built with said plate glass window facing a thick wooded area which stood relatively untouched (at the time) to the immediate west of the hotel, on the opposite side of a small undeveloped field which I guess was part of the hotel property.

    As the story goes ,around 11pm or so on a Saturday night, the attendant on duty happened to be a common area near the back of the hotel. This common area was where the plate glass window had been erected and, from the room, you could apparently stare out across an empty field into the woods beyond. Since this isn’t a particularly appealing view , it’s probably a safe assumption that the owners of hotel had likely planned on developing something else where the field was located (perhaps a pool). But I digress.

    So this attendant is doing his thing, filling out some final paperwork and walking through the common area, when something large, powerfully built, covered head to toe with dark hair and reeking of an almost unholy stink like nobody;s business appeared outside of the section of plate glass on the north side of the room and walked through it, shattering the glass to pieces. Then-as the version of the account I heard goes- this peculiar hotel guest` traversed the room, glanced over at the attendant mid-stride, and proceeded to walk through a second section of plate glass, one that faced west into the field. The Skunk Ape then disappeared into the woods beyond,never to be seen again.

    Whether or not this was true or just the attendant attempting to cover the fact that he broke the windows doing something stupid (it was the mid seventies- lot of joints were blazing by 11pm on Saturday nights)that story was all any of the neighborhood kids/teenagers talked about for weeks.

    Personally, Sasquatch is one of the few ‘mysteries” I subscribe to. Same with Nessie and Champ. They’re organisms., not demons or monsters. They’re lifeforms. One thing I have learned in forty years on this Earth and that is every time humankind thinks we have the absolute bead on what everything is, how it functions and how it’s all going to play out , God, nature and the planet as we know it combine forces to prove to us that we don’t know everything. So if you suggest to me that there are hominids or aquatic creatures that maybe a few thousand people have seen but -as a rule – we have yet to scientifically catalog, I’m actually hip to that. I don’t think Sasquatch is impossible at all- like their aquatic lake dwelling counterparts in Loch Ness and Lake Champlain, these cryptids are just an organism we haven’t figured out yet . The reason that we haven’t captured one is because-by all accounts- they’re easily as intelligent as the dolphins. But, unlike those sociable sea-faring mammals, the big hairy folks with the over-sized shoe size don’t particularly want to get to know us. Considering that on most occasions when they do run into humans either we’re in the woods as part of a larger effort to tear down their natural habitat and replace it with a shopping center or its a small group (like hikers) who immediately break into hysterics and make a fuss, can you honestly blame them? To any sizable intelligent community of creatures who lives both within and as a functioning part of the natural world, the majority of humans must seem like a nightmare in progress.

    In regards to Cinema de Uber-Podiatry, I have Creature from Black Lake on DVD and consider it a treasure, I’ve seen the Legend of Boggy Creek more times than I can recall, caught the uncut version of Night of the Demon a few years back and I can still remember seeing Sasquatch:The Legend of Bigfoot in the late seventies/early eighties at a theater with my older brothers and being particularly freaked out by both the re-enactment of the famous story about the group of miners who experienced an attack on their camp in the middle of the night by several of the creatures and the sequence at the end when the research team runs afoul of the Sasquatch while trying to record their presence one night. , complete with that eerie howl. Great stuff.

    The world can always use more Sasquatch movies.:)

  • James Coker

    YES! I love that poster, so reminiscent of the sleeping bag kill from 1980’s NIGHT OF THE DEMON 🙂

  • doctor_sapirstein

    Nice poster. The world can never have enough Sasquatch movies, and while I might prefer a “traditional” movie to (yet another) found-footage one, I’ll definitely still be checking this out!